So tiny, so cute, so French! Everything on the menu is heartwarming, starting from our selection of breakfast, salads, soups and sandwiches.


Idea &Creation

The idea and creation for this project was born. Our management, architect and technologist went to the heart of French patisserie and bakery – to Pairs and visited the largest expo to get some inspiration, learn about the newest technologies and find the best materials for work.

In three months we had the idea for the project done, starting from the cute name, about all the equipment for the bakery and patisserie, the design for the interior to the recipes for cakes, bread, deserts and so on.


Certifications & Employments

Mrvica opens its first bakery and patisserie in Cengic Vila and starts with 20 employees; also farm Basna was established in summer 2015. to produce first bio products like strawberry, buckwheat and eggs for our own purpose. Certified for HACCP & ISO standard.


Factory &New Shop

Mrvica opens its production center in Rajlovac, Mrvica Factory and has already abour 50-60 employees. Also, in 2016. we open our second shop in old part of Sarajevo, Mrvica Old Town. The grand opening is followed by the famous baker and tv star Rudolph van Veen in the heart of Sarajevo in front of 5000 peo-ple. Mrvica places its products at the Sarajevo Duty Free shop.


Modernization& Technology

Modernization of technology and education for the employees in Paris, Dubai, Istanbul, Milan, Stuttgart. Recertified for HACCP & ISO standard. Development for many products for distribution for gas stations, shops in Bosnia. Introducing Mrvica Cheese factory in farm Basna we buyed a small cheese factory for goat and cow cheese and hiring technologists for tasty goat cheese. This year we made all necessary preparation to open our own product shop in our bakeries – Mrvica Shop.

About us

Mrvica (translated in english means „crumb“ ) is a French bakery and patisserie located in Sarajevo and established in 2015. For the first time the city experienced the unique concept of a bakery, patisserie and café including its own production. Inspired from Paris / France where one can enjoy in a real French butter croissant, macarons and many famous deserts and cakes like Opera or Carrement chocolate. Our idea was to produce traditional French products with a taste of modernity and invent a world od tastes, sensations and peasures in our artisan wooden bakery. Our mission is to offer quality products, standard of service and hospitality. Our vision is to build a professional relationship by producing and supplying high quality diversified products.

Mrvica team

At Mrvica Café/Bakery/Patisserie we are a family run business, which was established in Sarajevo in 2015. Our adventure in this field of business began much earlier as we gained the knowledge and necessary experience offering the best patisserie and bakery products in town. We are very proud for our capabilities to meet any requirements for our customers. Our team counts educated and experienced stuff in gastronomy. We employ approx. 80 workers, specialised in bakery, patisserie, restaurant and snacking, waiters, sellers, drivers, and so on.

Farm Basna

Farm Basna was established in 2015. and located about 20 minutes away from Sarajevo in place Nisici. The three most important things to us are our faith, our family, and our friends. These things directly impact the way we farm. We strive to raise our animals in a way that reflects how they were created and to manage our land in a ecologic way . We also desire to work together as a family while doing this, cultivating strong family ties and values in our children. And finally, we value friendships and building community. Our hope is that as customers come out to our farm, many new friendships will be formed. “Basna” translated to English means “fable”- a succinct story , that features animals and plants. And so it is in Farm Basna, authentic Bosnian cows Buša, Austrian goats, cute chicken and goose everyday are writing pages of their adventures. All our seeds are chosen with love and our products are processed with modernist technology.

HACCP Certificate

Mrvica is HACCP certified since summer 2015. HACCP is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, pro-curement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. Our staff is trained to do all procedures for the food safety systems in all our shops and production. Our production is located in Sarajevo and spreads across 600 m2. New build and equipped with the latest technologies the facility boasts the highest quality and hygiene standards. Our machines are famous brands in the world of gastronomy as Rational, Winterhalter, irinox, and so on. We own a “babydrop” macaron machine, a print-ing machine for cakes, cookies and macarons as the only company in this region.