Handcrafted cakes, bread and macarons.

We bake everything as fresh as possible. The patisserie, tarts, cakes and savouries baked in our shops are made in kitchens open to view (Mrvica Old Town) because we want you to be able to see what we make and how we make it. We also provide food for parties, lunches, weddings, and business functions.


In our bakery we offer a wide selection of products, such as breads, pastry and cakes with capabilities to produce any type of bakery product or treat. We can say that you can choose between French, Mediterranean, International or classic types of products. Also we can make selection of bread specialities; from rye, wheat and mixed wheat breads to wholegrain and special breads. With a hearty crust and juicy crumb, these breads are considered to be the “bread per excellence”.

A long tradition and the continuing trend towards conscious nutrition are synonymous with wholegrain bread. The high fibre content and vitamins and minerals make it especially beneficial. Unusual raw material such as basil seeds, superfood like chia seeds or curcuma characterises our special bread creations.


France is famous the world over for its decadent desserts and delightful pastry concoctions. The word “dessert” is actually derived from the French word “desservir” which means “to clear the table”. People’s tastes are as varied as the people themselves. What we like and what we do not like is often already determined during childhood, a formative time for our sense of taste.

Quality ingredients like French butter, Belgian chocolate, our own bio -grown fruits make fluffy meringues and mousses, luscious cakes, and divine crème brulees. Creating our deserts require a lot of time, attetintion to detal and exrtreme dedication.

Our patisserie chefs have the necessary experience for making the most famous French cakes and deserts, which you can find for the first time in Sarajevo. If we talk about the most famous and smallest dessert in the world – macaron; we are for sure the largest seller in Bosnia.

We own our own “babydrop” machine for making macarons, have our secret raw materials for the meringue and do the best ganache filling.

Café & Restaurant

So tiny, so cute, so French! Everything on the menu is heartwarming, starting from our selection of breakfast, salads, soups and sandwiches. You could say that we were built on the philosophy of sustainable eating in a progressive environment. We bring Sarajevo a well-thought out menu, quality coffee in every cup in a spot where you can either meet with friends or knuckle down in a relaxing space and work to your heart’s desire.

Everyday we’re serving up an extensive menu consisting of no-fuss, tasty breakfast and lunch options. From breakfast classics like French toast to fresh salads and flavorsome salads we’ve got your back when you need a bite. Where possible, we use organic, locally- sourced and sustainable products.

Slowly, it becomes tradition to have your breakfast or cup of coffee in Mrvica.

Mrvica Shop

Pastry at Mrvica is a matter of love: the love of beauty and taste! Passionate about the alchemy of flavors and textures, our Chefs revisit the French pastry heritage and develop audacious and innovative creations. Whether it’s a pastry to share or for you alone, the choice is yours: pies, cakes, pralines… the French- style sweet moment of pleasure is limitless. Also, how not to mention these few grams of pure happiness, this absolute jewel: macaron! Soft, delicate, fragile shell, muffled crackling, a heart melting with fragrances of raspberry, nuts, chocolate … A delight coming straight from heaven!

As our customers started to love Mrvica products, we decided to share with them the possibility to make someone happy as we make them happy. In 2018. our selling concept expands to a higher level and we offer customers in our bakeries a small Mrvica shop, where they can buy various products and raw materials we are using for production. Various delicacies like macarons and chocolate pralines specially packed in cute packaging, homemade jams, biscuits and cakes, also homemade  elicatessen goat cheese form our own Cheese factory can be found in our shop.

As we are using for our own menu many products from our own Farm Basna and they are all based on bio production, in our Mrvica Shop you can buy eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits specially chosen for you. Also, souvenirs and starter kits for baking and cooking are available in Mrvica Shop. Explore!